COVID-19 (Coronavirus) update from Even and Walmart

We understand that this is a time of stress and uncertainty for many people. To help Walmart associates cope with the difficulties related to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we’ve made some changes to the Even app.

All Walmart associates can now get paid weekly by using Instapay in the Even app. Walmart is also making Even Plus free for all associates. To use Instapay, go to the Earn tab in the Even app. If you don’t have Even yet, you can download it here.

If you have questions about these changes, please see the FAQ below. You can also contact Support in the Even app in the Profile tab.


Our response to Coronavirus

Walmart and Even understand this is a challenging time. In order to help, we have expanded our services. Walmart is covering the cost of Even Plus for all associates, and we’ve increased the Instapay limit to one per week for all Walmart members.

How often can I use Instapay?

You can now request one Instapay each week of your pay period. For this purpose, weeks run Saturday through Friday. For example, you can request one Instapay between Saturday, March 28th and Friday, April 3rd, and another Instapay between Saturday, April 4th and Friday, April 10th. Please keep in mind that an unused Instapay from the first week does not carry over to the second week of the pay period. If you do not use Instapay in week one, you will still only be able to request one Instapay in week two.

What if I’ve already paid for Even Plus this month?

If you renewed or signed up for Even Plus on or after March 14th, you will see a $6 membership fee deduction and a $6 refund on your April 2nd paycheck. If you renewed or signed up before March 14th, regular Even Plus membership billing applies.

Regardless of when you renewed or signed up, Even Plus will be free.

How is my Instapay amount calculated?

Instapay use is still limited to 50% of your earned net pay. If you request an Instapay in the first week of the pay period, then your available Instapay in the second week will be 50% of your total net earnings, minus your first Instapay amount.

For example, if you’ve earned $300 in net pay so far this pay period, 50% of that is $150. If you request a $40 Instapay in the first week, you will have access to $110 in the second week to use for Instapay ($150 – $40 = $110).

What about Last-Minute Instapay?

A Last-Minute Instapay counts as an Instapay for the second week of the pay period. If your account is set up for Last-Minute Instapay, the deadline to request your second Instapay will be 11:30pm CST the Tuesday before payday. If you have already requested an Instapay during the second week of the pay period (Sat-Fri), you won't be able to request a Last-Minute Instapay.

To learn more about Last-Minute Instapay, see the "Last-Minute Instapay" category in our FAQs.

I’m trying to use cash pick-up, what if my store isn’t open?

In response to COVID-19, some Walmart locations have changed their operating hours. Contact your local Walmart to verify their hours. If you need your cash pick-up canceled, please reach out to an Advisor. This can be done by tapping the “Support” icon found in the upper right corner of the "Profile" tab.

My access to Instapay was restricted until July, will I be able to use this feature now?

Yes, your access to Instapay and Even Plus has been restored.

I work in New York, New Jersey, or Massachusetts. Do I get access to Instapay and free Even Plus?

Members who work in New Jersey or Massachusetts will now have access to one Instapay per week, and free Even Plus.

Unfortunately, members who work in New York will not be able to access these benefits at this time.

I work in Rhode Island, do I get two Instapays and free Even Plus?

Walmart members who work in Rhode Island already have access to Instapay once per week due to weekly pay periods. This means, if you work in Rhode Island you will see no changes to your Instapay access. However, Even Plus will be free for Walmart members who work in Rhode Island.

Can someone else collect my cash pick-up for me?

No, only the Even account holder may collect the cash pick-up. We aren't able to make exceptions to this rule, even if you are under quarantine for health reasons.

If you know you won't be able to collect a cash pick-up in person, request a bank deposit Instapay by 9:30am PT/12:30pm ET Monday - Friday to receive it that same day. This is the next-fastest option.

If you need help setting this up, reach out to an Advisor for help in the in-app chat.