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The Employer's Toolkit for Measuring Financial Health

We partnered with the Financial Health Network to bring you the Employer’s Toolkit for Measuring Financial Health.

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Four steps for measuring financial wellness, and taking action

Core insights include:
  • Survey your employees using the Financial Health Network’s questionnaire

  • Analyze the results to get your employees’ FinHealth Scores™

  • Be informed for your search for the right financial wellness solution for your workers

  • Continue to measure over time to calculate impact and ROI

A look inside


“The information you get from this toolkit will provide the insights you need to decide which financial wellness solution will have the greatest impact on your employees’ wellbeing — and your business’ bottom line.”

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Why we wrote this

Employers told us they wanted to improve financial wellness for their workers, but weren’t sure where to start — or how to measure success down the line.

The toolkit contains the innovative survey and scoring methodology needed to get your employees’ FinHealth Scores™, which will tell you exactly where to focus your financial wellness efforts. We also included best practices on managing and administering the survey, and tips on measuring progress and success over time.

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