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Getting Earned Wage Access Right

Earned wage access (EWA) is a popular and important financial benefit for your employees — but it can also be complicated. We created this toolkit to help you understand, evaluate, and choose the best EWA solution for your employees and your business.

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Choosing the right earned wage access solution

Core insights include:
  • The differences between EWA solutions, their pricing models, and business incentives
  • How EWA will impact your employees and your business
  • What goals and outcomes you should be optimizing for, and how to measure
  • Frameworks for evaluating and choosing the right vendor

A look inside

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"Ambitious HR and benefits investments are at risk of falling flat if employers overlook employees’ most basic need: financial stability."

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Why we wrote this

When employers choose to offer earned wage access, their goal is generally twofold: help workers, and help the business. But while all earned wage access products will deliver on their base promise — providing on-demand pay for workers — not all of them will actually help employees or the business. In fact, some of them could cause harm.

We wrote this guide to help employers understand the differences between different solutions, and ensure they’re choosing the right EWA product to help employees build both short- and long-term financial stability.

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