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A Guide to Financial Wellness

In our new e-book, we demystify the causes and effects of employee financial stress, to help you understand what you can — and should — do about it.

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a guide to financial wellness

The employer’s handbook to on‑demand pay and financial wellness benefits

Core insights include:
  • How employee financial stress affects focus, productivity, and even attendance

  • The surprising number of high-earning employees who are struggling

  • Why existing products and tools are not helping — and may be harming

  • The reasons on-demand pay is an incomplete and ineffective solution

  • How your organization can think strategically about employee financial wellness

A look inside

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“This is exactly the solution we’ve been looking for. The rest of the marketplace really hasn’t caught up.”

– Daniel Eckert Senior Vice President Services and Digital Acceleration at Walmart

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Why we wrote this

When employees are struggling financially, it’s not just bad for business — it also means they’re not set up for long-term financial stability. Employers are well positioned to help, but before doing so, they need to understand the scope.

This ebook will help employers learn what contributes to cycles of employee financial stress, how it impacts business, and what can be done to help employees leave financial stress behind and build stronger futures.

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