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Watch as the experts at Even help identify which criteria matter most to your business when evaluating EWA pay vendors.

The Right Way to EWA

It’s time to bring financial services to work.

“I don’t have enough money in my account to get myself groceries,” said Jajahz, an hourly worker, in 2021. They are one of 170 million Americans who can’t afford to put food on the table between paydays. The costs and demands of living in this country add up to a lot more than a fair wage and careful planning, and it’s making our workforce sick and less productive. You are paying for this today in risk, increased absences and turnover, to name a few. Let’s change that.

In this webinar you'll learn:
  • The total cost of on-demand pay — who pays?
  • What a fully integrated earned wage, savings and planning approach looks like
  • Insights as to how forward-thinking organizations leverage their employer‑sponsored financial benefits to drive demonstrable change in employees' lives and business results

“We have so much data that shows that productivity is going down during high levels of stress… Stress reduces the prefrontal cortex capacity and function. That affects productivity.”

Arianna Huffington
CEO & founder
Thrive Global

“The way you tackle problems, especially when they're really big, is to immediately get started...inaction is the only action which I believe is not acceptable.”

Jon Schlossberg
CEO & co-founder

Preston Clark

Preston Clark

Chief Revenue Officer, Even

Preston Clark is a trusted advisor to HR leaders. He understands that the right kind of benefits can be a strong competitive advantage when it comes to recruiting and retaining employees and that investing in employee financial health can also translate into greater productivity and wellbeing.

Prior to joining Even as Chief Revenue Officer in March 2021, Preston led teams at such category-defining companies as EVERFI and ThinkHR. Together, Preston and his teams advised and supported HR leaders at more than 4,000 customers — including such Fortune 500 companies as Amazon, Google, and Kimberly‑Clark — and helped them deliver groundbreaking benefits to their workforces. Preston is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University and the University of Miami School of Law. He also spent more than two years serving in the Peace Corps in El Salvador.

Jen Holden

Jen Holden

Sr. Director, Customer Operations, Even

Jen has been delivering best in class implementing systems, best practices and customer success for over the last 17+ years of her career in Payroll, HRIS, Benefit Administration and Time & Attendance industries. Jen focuses on creating an environment of trust, integrity and an overall positive employer experience. She truly believes it is imperative that the Even team honor and represents themselves as an extension of your organization and display a safe and empathetic environment for your employees. Jen lives in Northern California with her two tween-size children, trying to convince them she is still cool and that they should listen to her because she said so! She also enjoys pretending she knows how to play golf.

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