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Earned wage access RFP template

If you’re looking to assess an earned wage access (EWA) vendor to provide on-demand pay for your workforce, an RFP template can be your guide, helping you get the answers you need to evaluate the best EWA provider for your people.

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Make your vendor selection faster and easier with an RFP template

EWA is an important benefit which involves your employees’ paychecks, and your company’s payroll system. When evaluating earned wage access vendors, it’s important to leave no stone unturned. Our team looked at some of the top companies’ RFPs and our customers’ RFPs to determine what should be included in this template.

To help, this RFP template includes:
  • The best practices and industry language needed to build an effective RFP
  • The questions businesses should ask to fully understand and evaluate the differences between EWA providers
  • Sections that gather crucial information about a vendor’s offering, the employee experience, pricing, data security, compliance and legal concerns, and integrations and implementation.

A look inside

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"This template will help you get a head start, and make it simpler for you to get your RFP out to vendors."

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Why we wrote this

Employers should be able to easily evaluate benefits and providers on their own terms. Creating an RFP is a way for you to get the information you need to make the best decision for your business and your employees. That’s why we created this template: to make the RFP process less of a chore, and into something that helps you thoughtfully evaluate EWA providers.

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