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EWA: A Guide to the Benefit Hourly Workers Want

Seeking relief from financial stress, hourly workers want an employer who offers earned wage access (EWA). Learn how EWA relieves employees' financial stress and helps you win at recruiting and retention.

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73% of employees want earned wage access

Soaring financial stress means certain benefits have become a necessity for hourly workers. The employers who understand this are the ones who’ll win the battle for talent. Earned wage access, also known as EWA or on-demand pay, relieves hourly workers’ most pressing form of financial stress — covering gaps between paychecks.

For forward-thinking employers, this presents an opportunity. Offering EWA as a financial benefit helps you become an employer of choice for hourly workers. That translates to positive ROI across recruiting and retention. And because EWA is a benefit available from day one, it establishes a strong employee experience.

Core insights include:
  • Why hourly workers are under such financial stress, and how EWA relieves it
  • How EWA brings other benefits within reach, like 401(k)
  • Why employer-sponsored EWA drives the best employee experience
  • What enterprise-grade EWA looks like

“As soon as I heard about on-demand pay I thought it would become the future of payroll, but I wanted to find a partner that could do more. We did not want a band-aid solution, so Even’s holistic approach really stood out to us.”

Amy Cohen
Director, Total Rewards
Noodles & Company
Even Customer

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Why we wrote this

The financial system wasn’t built with hourly workers in mind. It burdens them with unnecessary financial stress, such as how biweekly pay means income seldom aligns with expenses. Until now, employers haven’t had many options to help, since traditional financial benefits like 401(k) focus on different stages of the financial journey.

Earned wage access changes that. By offering EWA as a benefit, you free your employees from the traditional pay cycle. But EWA is also a new benefit with lots of questions around it. This guide helps employers understand the urgency for EWA, and how it creates a positive impact for employer and employee alike.

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