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The leading platform for on‑demand pay + more

Even makes it easy for employees to get fast access to their paychecks when it matters most with Instapay, while also providing the tools necessary to create a more financially secure future.

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Help your employees build financial resiliency with an earned wage access app that’s:


Even is easy for employees to use. We have a 4.9‑star rating in the app store, and 51% of members use the app every day.


Even gives your employees an instant way to access the earned wages they need with Instapay in the app, when other options are predatory or expensive.


Employees using Even have put over $350M of their paychecks into savings, building long‑term stability.

Seamless platform integration led by payroll experts

Even offers a smooth and secure integration process designed to fit into existing workflows. We collaborate with your teams to ensure successful implementation, sharing our extensive payroll expertise gained from launching our product to more than 2 million employees at companies such as Walmart, PayPal, and Humana.

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Results in 90 days

On average, employees place $308 into their emergency savings within the first three months of using Even, reducing their reliance on payday loans and increasing their financial standing.

Available in all 50 states

Even is the only on‑demand pay company that tailors its operating model to the needs of each state, ensuring we can handle compliance and minimize overhead for payroll teams. We ensure our product is compliant with all applicable requirements at both a federal and state level.

Employer-sponsored pricing

Even works as an employer-sponsored benefit, so your employees pay nothing. They keep all of their wages, helping them go from financially vulnerable to financially resilient.

Additional integrations

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  • Oracle
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Fully compliant and enterprise ready

Even is trusted by more Fortune 1000 employers than any other platform for earned wage access, planning, budgeting, and savings. Even is the only solution for reducing workers’ financial stress that achieves real results for both employees and employers. We help employees make measurable progress towards their financial goals — more than $750M saved to date in interest and fees by using our Instapay feature, and more than $350M moved into savings. And by implementing the Even platform, our customers have dramatically reduced employee turnover.

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The highest-rated on‑demand pay app


Even helps employees make financial progress because they’re highly engaged with the platform. Learn how businesses have drastically reduced turnover while increasing retention and productivity.

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of users turn into monthly active users. That’s an engagement rate comparable to social media platforms.


reduction in turnover among employees using on‑demand pay along with planning, budgeting, and saving.


of employees’ paychecks have been put into savings, building long‑term stability.

What people are saying about Even...

It’s the company trying to take care of you. If I was going to move to a new corporation, I would check and see if they had the Even app.


You should be able to offer your employees more than just a check. You want your employees to feel like they’re secure.


Awesome! Even is a wonderful thing. It allows you to get emergency funds from your already earned paycheck so that you don’t have to take out a loan or use high interest rate credit cards. Thanks Even!


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