How Even is taking action to fight racial inequality and violence in America

June 8, 2020

Injustice is the ultimate depriver of opportunity. At Even, we fight the economic kind, but Black people in America face a more foundational, more intimate, more tangible injustice. As a company and as individuals, we have a responsibility to speak up and take action against systemic racism and the violence that affects Black people in America every single day.

Our platform isn't the largest, but we can still use it to amplify the Black voices and organizations that are educating people, doing the work, and taking the risks in the fight to end racism. For the past several days, Even has paused its normal social media activity and focused instead on how we can help fight for the justice of Black people and encourage anti-racism.

We’ve been sharing a collection of resources and organizations on Twitter that myself and other Eveners encourage everyone to donate to and spend time learning about. We intend to continue amplifying voices, ideas, and initiatives that are furthering the Black Lives Matter movement and seeking an end to racism and police brutality. You can follow along with us on Twitter.

As an individual, I’m looking for ways to become more involved and spend my time, money, and privilege on the cause. As the leader of a company, I want to create forums for productive talk, and turn it into productive action. As a first step, the company has been giving a two-to-one match for all donations made by our employees to organizations supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and fighting police brutality. To ensure we make good on our commitment to back this initiative long term — not just this week or this month — we’ve added a new company objective to act on racial justice. This will be an objective that I, the CEO, will personally own and be accountable for.

We don’t know exactly what this will look like yet, because we want to take the time and thoughtfulness to get it right and make sustained progress. We will share more about this in the future on our company blog. I welcome conversations with other business leaders, in tech as well as beyond, around how investing our company resources into the fight for equality is the right thing to do.

Jon Schlossberg
CEO & Co-founder, Even