Watch: The Rise of On‑Demand Pay and How it Works

Watch as Jon Schlossberg, co-founder of Even, and Jenny Molyneaux, VP of People Operations at Even break down what on-demand pay is and how to offer it as an employer‑sponsored financial benefit to your workers.

Even presents webinar

Why on-demand pay, why now?

According to a 2017 CareerBuilder report, nearly 80% of American workers say they’re living paycheck to paycheck. With most working Americans facing economic challenges, a growing number of workers are looking to their employers for help in managing their finances.

More employers are offering on-demand pay to reduce the stress of emergency cash flow problems for their workforce. On-demand pay is now becoming a popular employee benefit and even a substantial advantage when competing for talent.

In this webinar, business leaders will learn more about the demand for on‑demand pay, its impact on employee engagement, and how to choose the best on-demand pay product for your workforce.

What you’ll learn:

  • What on-demand pay is and how it works
  • The impact on-demand pay can have on a company's bottom line
  • How on-demand pay helps employees become more financially resilient

“On-demand pay that is not responsible misses the point, so it’s important to evaluate providers in three areas: cost to the employee, motivation/incentive alignment, and commitment to outcomes.”

Jenny Molyneaux
VP, People Operations

“Gartner [a global research firm] believes 20% of employers will offer on‑demand pay by 2023. I would estimate, 100% will offer this by the end of the decade. Now is the time where it is a competitive advantage.”

Jon Schlossberg
CEO & co-founder


Jon Schlossberg

Co-founder and CEO, Even

Jon has a background in behavioral and cognitive psychology, with a degree from Skidmore College. Prior to founding Even, Jon was HUGE's first product designer, and worked on redesigns of Target.com, CNN.com, and other highly trafficked websites. Following HUGE, Jon founded an app development company that made "Knock," a mobile app used to replace computer logins with gesture controls, which was #1 on the app store in 152 countries.

Jenny Molyneaux

Jenny Molyneaux

VP People and Member Operations, Even

Jenny Molyneaux is the Head of People Operations at Even, where she oversees recruiting, human resources, facilities, and customer service. She first joined Even in June 2017 and was drawn to the company’s responsible approach to earned wage access. Even’s on-demand pay platform is provided as a benefit by forward-thinking employers who want to improve the financial health of their employees while boosting productivity and retention. Prior to joining Even, Jenny helped accelerate the growth of two well-regarded startups, Pocket Gems and MasterClass, and also worked at Google. Jenny received her M.B.A. from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and her B.A. in Economics from Brown University.

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