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Reducing uncertainty

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, Americans are grappling with overwhelming uncertainty. You can help by providing employees with faster access to their own paychecks and to planning tools that build financial resilience over time.

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You have the opportunity to reduce uncertainty for your employees

A problem worth solving

Workers are dealing with reduced income or having to find new jobs altogether. Whatever savings they did have are likely being drained. Remove the barriers between employees and their money by giving them access to their earned wages. That way, they don’t have to wait until payday to take care of themselves or their families.


Jobs lost during first month


New jobs created


of Americans don’t have $400 for an emergency

Help solve their short term problems, without sacrificing the long term

Short term

Solve problems today

You can help employees right now with immediate access to their own earned wages, bonuses, sick pay, wage increases, and emergency grants. Having access to enough money at a time like this is essential for survival. Learn more about on-demand pay.

Medium term

Communicate options

Talk to your HR and PR teams. Be bold about amplifying and complementing the public safety net that is being created, and encourage others to do the same. Invest resources in making sure your employees understand what options are available to them. See what Walmart has done.

Long term

Build the safety net

For most Americans, this is a marathon, not a sprint. Consider making your short-term measures permanent, to make your workforce feel safe and valued. Supporting your employees will help them build stronger lives, and a stronger bond with you as an employer. Learn why financial wellness matters.


Build habits

Retirement plans and health benefits are just the start. If employees are struggling with finances, they’re also struggling to stay healthy and focused at work. Help employees build strong lives, and the ability to weather future crises, with tools to plan, budget, and spend — all while building critical short-term savings. Learn more about offering financial wellness benefits to employees.

With no cost or technical lift

Even can now be implemented in a matter of days, with minimal involvement from your busy teams.


No integration

Give employees access to earned wages, savings and budgeting without the requirement of technical integration into your HRIS systems to get up and running quickly.


No fees

Even will waive all membership fees for your employees for two months — free help when they need it, no matter how they’re accessing their wages. No commitments, no fine print, no catches.

Simple contract

Simple contracting

To help more workers sooner, Even has enacted a simplified contracting process.

We can help

We will work together to understand your company and tailor a program built for your needs.

Ready to support millions more to become financially resilient employees

1st time using this app and it's pretty cool that I get my money same day. Pretty convenient cause of this whole virus situation

Laura R

I'm in desperate need of help, not only myself but my kids and grandkids you are making that happen!!!! Thank you so very much!!!! So convenient to deposit into my acct or pick-up at Walmart but I work 3rd shift AND y'all are waving fees at the moment ...may God bless you all for making this possible!!!!

Katie L

Awesome! Even is a wonderful thing. It allows you to get emergency funds from your already earned paycheck so that you don't have to take out a loan or use high interest rate credit cards. Thanks Even!

Walter M