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America Saves wants you to #ThinkLikeASaver

Fine-tune your savings habit with free tools, articles and upcoming workshops
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For Financial Literacy Month, Even is bringing together resources to help you take steps to improve your financial wellbeing.

And that’s why we’re excited to partner with America Saves, an organization that has already helped millions of Americans build lifetime savings habits. And they’re only just getting started.

Read on for more about what America Saves does and to learn about exciting events they’ll be hosting for Even members later this month.

What’s America Saves?

Created by the Consumer Federation of America, America Saves is focused on helping Americans reduce debt and build wealth through saving.

They host a variety of programs throughout the year to connect people with financial experts and master simple ways to save, including events like America Saves Week and this April’s Military Saves Month.

“Can’t miss ‘em” tools

America Saves has also put together a suite of resources to help you #ThinkLikeASaver.

Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. The America Saves Pledge: This interactive tool helps you think about why you want to save in the first place and create a simple plan to achieve your goals. After you’ve taken the pledge, you’ll receive emails, texts, and resources to help you stay on track. We invite all of our members to take the pledge - savers who make a plan are twice as likely to save successfully.
  2. Quick reads and videos: It can be hard to make sense of all the financial advice out there these days, but America Saves publishes easy-to-understand articles and videos for everyone, no matter their financial goals. From 54 ways to save, to the Build your credit YouTube playlist (full of quick but informative videos), to Tips to help you reduce debt, if you’ve got a financial question, America Saves has an answer.
  3. Free financial coaching and counseling: Sometimes, even though you’ve read all the articles and used all the tools, you need personalized guidance. That’s why America Saves has partnered with AFCPE® and the Coordinated Assistance Network to offer its Savers free access to trusted, professional financial coaches and counselors. There’s no shame in getting support with your money.

You’re Invited: Workshops for Even Members

We’re inviting all employees who have access to Even through their employer (i.e. you readers) to attend exclusive workshops with America Saves on April 20 at 11am ET OR April 28, 7pm ET.

You’ll work with America Saves team members to create a personalized spending and savings plan (aka a budget) and learn about other resources specific to your financial needs.

Register for these workshops and learn more here.

We’re thrilled to partner with America Saves, and hope you join us to make this the year you save more and stress less.

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