Floating Paycheck

A responsible way to pay that benefits everyone

Financial uncertainty is hard on employees, and causes even the best companies to struggle with a stressed and distracted workforce. Even’s responsible on-demand pay platform helps employers do right by their employees, build goodwill, and achieve long-term financial wellness together.

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Floating paycheck
Floating paycheck

Earned wage access helps your company by helping your employees

Offering on-demand pay is shown to positively impact organizations’ biggest pain points: worker productivity, employer brand, retention, and absenteeism.


of employers report that financial stress affects their employees' ability to focus.


of people think employers should do more to address financial insecurity.


amount of working time lost by a financially stressed employee compared to peers.

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By investing in your employees’ short-term and long-term financial wellness, you’ll see ROI in the form of stronger returns for your business, and stronger lives for your employees.


Increase employee performance

Employees who are more engaged and less stressed are up to 8 times more productive than employees who are less engaged due to stress.


Boost your employer brand

Right now, brand perception matters more than ever. 70% of Even members say they view their employer more favorably for offering Even.

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Attract and retain the best talent

When employees use Even for on-demand pay and financial wellness, their employers see a 42% increase in employee retention.

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Reduce absenteeism and turnover

Workers favor employers who care about their financial stability. 70% of Even members whose employers offer Even say it’s improved their financial wellness.

House made of checks

Not all earned wage access solutions are created equal

Even’s membership model means employees pay less than with other providers. Plus, the way we’ve built our business incentivizes us to help your employees achieve stronger financial outcomes — and we give them the tools to do just that, all for a low, flat monthly fee.

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Graduation cap and books
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We only make money

when your people make progress

We’re in the business of helping your employees build financial resilience, not holding them back from it. Even’s responsible on-demand pay solution provides quick help in the moment, plus tools proven to build financial stability for the future.

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We work with top employers who offer our responsible on-demand pay platform as a benefit. Those companies describe adoption of Even as “stunning,” and their employees call the app “a life saver.”

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